For me, teaching children water safety, confidence and awareness of the water is one of the most valuable skill sets you can give to a child. Living on the Gold Coast where we are surrounded by swimming pools, canals and beaches, it’s crucial our children are water safe.

My love of the water began at the young age of two. Our family lived just down the road from the beach, so my father decided that it was important for all three of his daughters to learn how to be safe in the water.

I can still clearly remember learning how to swim, the pool and my swimming instructor. My passion for the water grew stronger as I started swimming lessons at the Oak Flats swimming club with my one and only swimming coach Mr. Ted McKay. Before my parents knew it, I was swimming eleven sessions a week and loving every minute of it. I went on to win state championships at the age of six and I earned two silver medals from competing at national championships at the age of twelve. As a testament to my training, I hold many records around New South Wales that remain unbroken to this day.

The Oak Flats swimming club was and still is, like a family to my sisters, my parents and me. Our swimming club would even offer free swimming lessons to the community. I started teaching children to swim there when I was fourteen and obtained my first learn to swim qualification. The culture of my swim club helped me to develop both my love for swimming and my love for teaching children how to swim.

My students are always greeted with a smile and a laugh. I’ve found that creating an environment where children can relax and have fun helps me to foster a strong bond with them, which builds trust and confidence.

For each & every child I teach, my goal is to promote water awareness and water safety through teaching students to be confident in all water environments. Much the same as the Oaks Flats Swimming Club did for me, as a swim school I look after my students & their parents like family, whilst providing a strong and reputable service.

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